Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take the place of my CPA?
We do not. We work with CPA’s and Tax Preparers, we get you ready for tax time.
Can you set up or manage my Payroll?
We sure can, we do it all the time.
What is the benefit of hiring a Bookkeeper?
Keeping the integrity of your books is number one followed by allowing you to focus on your day to day operations.
Can I still maintain control over my books?
Of course, we work for you. We are there organize and keep up with the financial details of your operation. The decision making of the business is always with you.
What is there is something additional that I may need that is outside the normal scope of business?
Often there are unique situations that may be on-going or a one time need, either way let us know so we can figure out how to solve your needs.
What if my records are not organized or almost nonexistent?
First thing to do is call us, that is our specialty, cleanup bookkeeping. This is normal for many of our clients to often fall behind after maintaining books themselves or hiring someone else.
What accounting software do you use?
What is the difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?
Both keep track of your company’s income and how it is spent. Bookkeepers maintain the day to day records and organization keeping your ledgers up to day in proper ready to be turned over to an accountant. The accountant picks up where the bookkeeper leaves off and goes to the next step of analyzing the data prepared and offers business financial advice to the business owner of what the data means and where they stand.

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